About Us

"We guarantee to pay more than any quote given by another Montreal pawnshop."

24-hour Pawn Shop

Although we are not a pawnshop, as we do not pawn anything, Comptant 24h works very similar in the way we exchange immediate cash for your valuable items. Unlike a pawnshop also, we are open 24 hours 7 days a week and we will come pick up your valuables from your house, or a conventient location of your chosing. We operate all over the island of Montreal, dispatching drivers out. We know cash is often needed quickly which is why we always try and get our drivers to you fast, often within one hour from the time of your call.

We Pay More Than Most

On top of all this, we guarantee to pay more than any quote given by another Montreal pawnshop. So if you don't like our quote, try to find a better quote from another pawnshop. If you do, call us back and we will beat their offer! We are able to offer you a higher price because we do not have a physical store, therefore save money by not paying rent. We can take these savings and pass them onto our valuable customers.

In A Bind For Money?

So next time you find yourself in a bind for money, or have some old electronics or gold jewlery you no longer use, forget those Montreal pawnshops-try calling us and take advantage of our quick house service.